Main activity

Profile of Organization:

  • We do complex special constraction and installation work, we install the main technological, ancillary and non-standard equipment, technological and sanitary piping, technological building steel structures, exhausted dust, gas and air pipelines for constructing new objects, we perform reconstruction, upgrade and complete overhaul of the operating objects in thermal power stations, industrial boilers, common industrial objects, objects of civil and housing construction in Russia and abroad;
  • We produce, install and repair internal, external and underground gas pipelines, gas distribution stations and gas equipment of industrial enterprises, thermal power stations, combined heat and power plants, hydroelectric power stations, boiler plants (including block boilers), heat generators with gas burner devices, monitoring procedure and testing of gas pipelines, gas equipment and materials with non-destructive methods;
  • We install boiler-utilizers, gas turbines, turbine units, steam and gas turbine, generators, all-station pipelines and equipment, reservoirs of various purposes and volumes;
  • We produce and sale ancillary boiler equipment;
  • Metal constructions and pipelines;
  • Production of drainage and bending pipes, T-couplers, couplers and blocks of steam and hot water pipelines;
  • The enterprise produces, mounts, operates and provides technical maintenance and overhaul of load-lifting mechanisms and devices;
  • Metal quality testing and welded connections control;
  • Quality control of performed works;
  • Start-up works;
  • Execution of a general contractor’s functions.

For more details you can read list of carried out works in the unit “Projects”

Membership in the self-regulating organization of the Non-commercial companies partnership of construction complex Soyuzpetrostroi- Standard proves the legitimacy of the company by the realization all these listed activities.

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