Production and technical facilities

Organization has sufficient material and technical resources to realize large power projects.

The production base is situated in the settlement Murino nearby Saint-Petersburg and its area covers more than 4 hectares. The production base which covers more than 55,000 square meters includes:

  • a metal-working shop, a welding shop, a control and heat treatment shop, assembly shop equipment, an oxy-fuel station, an oxy-fuel station, a laboratory, an administrative-household complex, heated warehouses. The secured outdoor area more than 44,000 square meters is equipped with a gantry crane of load-lifting capacity from 10 to 50 tons; also the area has access railway and automobile roads with the possibility of storage of oversized and heavy cargoes.

Production and technical facilities do such works as production of non-standard equipment, tanks, piers and suspensions, metal constructions, shaped parts and pipelines of any diamemer.

Technical facilities: machinery equipment, pipe-bending equipment, load-lifting equipment, basic welding equipment, control devices, installation equipment, trucks and cars, passenger buses, automobile cranes, tower cranes with load-lifting capacity from 40 to 90 tons, bulk trailers, tower trucks.

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