History of the enterprise activity

In 1963 a large installation section was opened for constructing of Khirishskaya Hydroelectric Power Station based on the «Sevzapenergomontazh» trust. In 1980 it was converted into SMU and moved in the settlement Murino in Leningrad region in order to build NorthTPS.

Before 1993 employees of the company had taken part in the construction of:

  • Kirishskaya Hydroelectric Power Station-19 with total output 2,100 MW, two power blocks in North TPS, three power blocks in South TPS of JC Lenenergo, three power blocks in Petrozavodskaya TPS of JC Karelenergo, four power blocks with output 200 MW in Nasiriyah TPS, Iraq, TPS in wire vinyl sheath metallurgical plant in Ajaokuta, Nigeria, TPS equipment for Pulp and Paper Mill in Finland.

SMU took part in installation of heat-mechanic equipment for Pulp and Paper Mills in Seguesh and Kondopozh, Cherepovetsky metallurgical plant, boiler plants in Kholomyagsky and Primorsky districts, boiler house in plant industrial zone Parnas and Kharkovskaya TPS. Since 1963 SMU has participated in the building of large and about 100 medium and small power objects. We installed turbine sets output more than 7 mln MW, boiler units with total capacity 55,000 tons of steam per hour, more than 100 water heating boilers with different output. We have installed over 200 bridge and semi-gantry cranes of load-lifting capacity from 10 to 150 tons. We have produced and mounted more than 100 reservoirs for oil products and hot water supply equipment with volume about 20,000 cubic meters. We have mounted the unique domestic and imported stationary equipment. In 1993 the department was reorganized into a joint-stock company of closed type North-West Power Equipment Installation Company. (SMU SZEM).

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