Production of the boiler and ancillary equipment

Наличие собственной производственной базы, соответствующего оборудования и инструмента, квалифицированных инженеров и рабочих позволяет АО «СМУ СЗЭМ» с успехом решать сложнейшие задачи на промышленных и городских объектах

Own production base is more than 5000 square meters, it includes:

  • A metal-working shop;
  • A Welding shop;
  • A control and heat treatment shop;
  • An assembling shop equipment;
  • An oxy-fuel station;
  • A Garage;
  • A Laboratory;
  • An administrative-household complex
  • Heated warehouses.

Presence of the secured outdoor area is more than 44000 square meters, which is equipped with a gantry cranes of a load-lifting capacity from 10 to 50 tons, also the area has railway and automobile roads with the possibility of storage of oversized and heavy cargoes.

Production base with different machine, pipe-bending, welding and lifting equipment carries out works for the production of non-standard equipment, tanks, supports and piers, metal constructions, shaped parts and pipelines of any diameter.

Our own laboratory of nondestructive testing makes it possible to provide necessary quality of manufactured equipment and components in the production shops.

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