Installation and service of power machinery equipment in TPS, HPS

Highly skilled installers, welders, engineering and technical staff, work experience in the energy and industrial projects in Russia and other countries, different equipment and tools, modern installation and welding technologies allow to perform a full range of construction works, including start-up, thermal insulation works and works on corrosive protection of equipment, pipelines and building constructions of the following objects which are domestic and foreign production:

  • Pipelines of steam and hot water in all categories and sizes which are under control of Russian technical inspection,
  • Objects which are under control of Russian technical inspection: steam and hot water boilers, vessels working under pressure etc,
  • Objects of gas facilities: Trunk and intrashop gas pipelines, gas distribution stations, training points and gas accounting, gas equipment for industrial enterprises, agricultural enterprises,consumer services' establishments, TPP, TPS, HPS, district heatings ( including blocks),heat generators with gas burner devices;
  • Trunk and intra-area pipelines of petroleum, reservoirs of different designation with the volume till 50000 m/3,
  • Load-lifting mechanisms, including gantry and bridge cranes,
  • Steam and gas turbines, generators,
  • Technological equipment: pumps of different types, installation of chemical water treatment and water purification, compressor stations, filters, separators, machine-tool equipment etc,
  • Supporting and enclosing constructions of buildings and erections, including metal structures of different complexity, ferroconcrete constructions, special constructions ( high-altitude construction from monolithic concrete, reservoirs with capacity 10000 m/3 and more, high-altitude masts, chimney stacks etc.),
  • External and internal utility networks: thermal networks,water-supply system,ventilation and canalization.
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