Heat treatment operator on mobile installations

Date of publicationFriday, December 13, 2013
CategoryWorkers and repairmen
LocationConstruction of HPS( Rostov region, Novocherkassk)
Structural divisionWelding service


Local heat treatment of the hard accessible welded pipe connections, large technological equipment and welded pipe connections with other pipes;

Full (surround) heat treatment of pipelines and hull technological constructions;

Connection and servicing of software devices and software management scheme of controlling the heat treatment process.


3-year work experience;

Structure and current flow diagram of the software controlled devices, rules of their adjustment and maintenance;

Selection full heat treatment modes of the weld-fabricated connections;

Rules of registration and hanging over of the technical documents on heat treatment works.

Conditions of work

Official registration according to the Labour Code of the Russian Federation;

Social guarantees (vacation pay, sick leave pay, etc.);

Compensation for trip to work, accommodation in a service apartment, daily payment for business trips:

Providing protective clothing. Transportation to the object by office transport.

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