Qualified welder (NACW certificate, argon-arc welding, manual arc welding, welding with semiautomatic devices).

Date of publicationWednesday, September 04, 2013
CategoryWorkers and repairmen
LocationRostov region, Novocherkassk;
Novyi Urengoi.
ObjectConstruction of HPS( Rostov region, Novocherkassk);
Construction of gas chemical complex in Novyi Urengoi
Structural divisionWelding Service


Responsibilities. Metal structures welding on the installation of power equipment in the TPS and HPS (installation of technological pipelines, boilers and boiler equipment, installation of turbine units, installation of metal structures, steam and water high pressure pipelines).


NACW Certificate, 2 level.

Manual electric arc welding and manual argon-arc welding.

Machine welding (with semiautomatic devices).

Welding of technological steam and hot water supply pipelines.

Welding of high-alloyed and low-alloyed steel.

Welding of pipes under high and low pressure.

Work at height.

Conditions of work

Official registration according to the Labour Code of the Russian Federation;

Social guarantees (vacation pay, sick leave pay, etc.);

Compensation for trip to work, accommodation in a service apartment, daily payment for business trips;

Providing with transportation to the object by office transport, protective clothing;

Salary from R40,000 (depends on the level and qualification).

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