Steam-gas power block of Steam-gas installation-110MW in HPS in Vologoda is set in operation.

Monday, March 31, 2014HPS in Vologoda. Vologda.

CJSC SMU SZEM has completed complex works on installation of heat recovery boiler HRSG and intrashop pipelines of Steam-gas installation-110MW in HPS in Vologoda.
On the 31st of March 2014 JSC TGK-2 set in operation Steam-gas power block. Equipment successfully passed complex testing, worked 72 hours with nominal load and delivery of electric power into the network.

With the introduction of new Steam-gas installation set electrical capacity in HPS in Vologda increased in 3,2, times, from 34MW to 144MW. Generation of electric energy will be more than 700 million kW. ch per year, in this case specific expenditure of fuel for the electric power will be reduced on 37%, from 406 / to 256 /

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