Construction of Gas Turbine Power Station-120
The Gas chemical complex

Parameters of the project

StateCarries out
AddressNovyi Urengoi
CustomerJSC Gazprom
Volume of the works4,700 tons
Category of the projectInstallation; Manufacturing; Power-hoisting equipment operating

Description of the works

Installation of heat mechanical equipment of the gas turbine power station with power capacity 120 MW and heat capacity 38 MW which contains the following equipment:

Two gas turbine units LM6000PD manufactured by General Electric complete with air cooler BDAX7-290ERJT manufactured by Brush;

Two steam heat recovery boilers BGT-45/4,0-430-13/0,53-240 produced by JSC ENERGOMASH in Belgorod;

One steam turbine unite С11-R14-EX produced by SNM complete with AC generators BDAX7-290ERJT produced by Brush;

Pipelines and ancillary equipment of the main building;

Geller’s dry cooler Thermal Engineering GEA EGI.

Date of redaction:12.09.2014 13:23:41

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