Construction of the first and second stage
Primorsky district heating

Parameters of the project

CustomerState unitary enterprise TEK SPb
Volume of the works600 tons – the 1-st stage 1,300 tons – the 2-nd stage
Category of the projectInstallation; Manufacturing

Description of the works

Start-up and acceptance of the 1-st stage steam equipment for operation which consists of:

three steam boilers E-160,

two hot water supply tanks (10,000 cubic meters),

two tanks for emergency fuel (10,000 cubic meters),

Installation of the equipment and pipelines of the 2-nd stage:

Water boiler KVGM-150-2;

Circuit heating system with capacity 180 Gcal/hr.


pipelines of recharge heating system,

external and internal water piping system,

auxiliary boiler’s pipelines,

all-station equipment.

Gas distribution points

Outside pipeline of overpass DU700.

Also the Company produced and installed:

a vacuum deaerator DV 800 M,

reservoirs with volume from 50 cubic meters to 1,000 cubic meters;

gas boiler flues.

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