Company's policy in the field of quality

Policy in the field of quality satisfies purposes of company's activity , contributes to delivery of consumer's production and rendering of services, which meets the requirements, expectations and guarantee satisfactoriness and safety.

Policy in the field of quality directs to:

  • Consolidate of consumer's confidence and realize of reasonable demands and expectations;
  • Establish and maintaince mutually beneficial partnerships with market participants to develop competitive advantages of society;
  • Realize process approach in the system of management's quality in accordance with the requirements of State Standarts ISO 9001:2011 ( ISO 9001:2008).

Our company succeeds due to:

  • Leadership of direction, obligations and active participation in the development,introduction and maintenance in the system of management's quality.
  • Management in interrelated forms of activity, identified as processes, including special and provided with the necessary resources.
  • Regular checks and effectiveness analysis of functioning in the System of management's quality;
  • Bringing information of values to staff, connected with the quality of processes, creation of work environment, which promotes effective and safe activity of staff;
  • Education, motivation and stimulation of staff;
  • Making decisions by senior management only on the basis of reliable facts;
  • Measurements and analysis of processes,which act in the organization, on the basis of required demands, forming and using system of indices in the quality production and rendering of services for making effective administrative decisions;
  • Application of modern technologies, equipment, materials, methods in management production;
  • Attentive and mutually respectful attitudes to consumer;
  • Maintenance of positive society's image in the field of quality;
  • Taking actions on removal of identified nonconformities;
  • Constant improvement in the system of management's quality.

Policy in the field of quality is analyzed periodically and used by senior management as a method for improving management's quality.

Policy in the field of quality is compulsory for all staff and strict direction in the activity of all subdivisions in our company.

Senior management of Society is a guarantor of policy's realization in the field of quality and obliges to guarantee successful fulfillment of processes and effective functioning in the system of management's quality in the company.

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